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Finite Element Analysis

For static loads the international design codes provide calculation methods to design equipment safely. In case of non static loads, such as cyclic temperature- and pressure changes, these calculation rules do not suffice for assessing the required operating life of pressure vessels. The design codes refer in those cases to Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

fine element analysis

Hitard uses FEA and Fatigue life analysis when local stresses need to be calculated in complex structures or equipment with cyclic load (pressure, temperature, vibration) cases. With FEA a model is prepared to accurately define the structure and the appropriate boundary conditions, such as displacements and forces.

The calculation model of the construction or equipment is prepared with adequate computer hardware and modern software tools, such as:

• Midas NFX
• PTC Creo Simulate
• MSC Software
• PRG Softwares
  FE-Pipe / Nozzle-Pro
  PCL-Gold / FEATools
HP z820 workstation HP z820 workstation

Experienced engineers prepare the model and execute the calculations. Output is analyzed and compared with various other runs on the model. Critical areas are further detailed to accurately calculate the local stress and strain. The results are summarized in a report and discussed with the customer. Hitard has the knowledge and experience to tackle any of your complex design problems.

Flange Analysis Nozzle Analysis Air Cooler Header Analysis
Flange Analysis Nozzle Analysis Air Cooler Header Analysis
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